Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Orleans Saints Season Over

You don't find many New Orleans Saints fans up here in western Canada. For the most part, this neck of the woods is Seahawks territory. I've been of a fan of the Saints since they drafted North Battleford, Saskatchewan native Rueben Mayes a number of years ago.

I must admit I'm not that big of an NFL fan as I have a preference for the Canadian Football League. I have been keeping tabs on the Saints over the years. This year with the addition of Drew Brees at quarterback, the Saints have enjoyed their most successful year of existence. As I write this the Saints trail the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game 16-14 in the third quarter. A nice little comeback for the Saints after trailing 16-0 late in the second quarter. We'll see if they can continue the full comeback.

Update: Well I missed the fourth quarter and upon return I see that the Bears scored three touchdowns to put an end to the Saints strong season. Too bad as I really wanted to see the
Saints in the Superbowl... well there's always next year.

Bears vs Colts in Superbowl XLI. My prediction: Bears 10 Colts 27.


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