Thursday, April 13, 2006

Edmonton Oilers Are In!!!

Well after a lengthly season and many battles along the boards and in front of the net, the Edmonton Oilers have made the playoffs. It took 81 out of the 82 games to make it but they are in. Unfortunately it is at the expense of the Vancouver Canucks.

So the second season begins next week. It looks like the Oil will be playing against the mighty Detroit Red Wings. This is a matchup that I prefer (even though the Red Wings were the top team in the regular season. Why you ask? Well because if the Oilers were to finish in seventh spot they would have to play Dallas. They always play Dallas in the playoffs... and they have had limited success. Plus I'm sure many Oilers fans are sick of seeing this matchup in the playoffs. Hmm now the Battle of Alberta that would be something.

Before I make my playoff picks here are the teams to look out for:
Montreal Canadiens - these guys are on a mission right now
San Jose Sharks - Joe Thornton should be MVP. Cheechoo and Thronton are deadly together.
Dallas Stars - this is a very consistent team. They could easily come out on top of the Western Conference.
Calgary Flames - they have the best goalie in the west.

You might be wondering why I haven't listed the Oilers in this list. Well I would have but I am not impressed with Rolloson as their starting goalie. I just don't think that he can steal a game for them.

Playoff picks next week ....


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