Thursday, April 13, 2006

Marketing Post #1 - The Competitive Advantage

Well as this is PlanetNim, the voice of music, marketing and my take on the planet, I guess I should add a post about marketing.

So this week I was looking at a few of my client's sites in order to examine if they had a Unique Online Competitive Advantage. So it got me thinking about competition and how you can stay ahead of your competition. It comes down to having a competitive advantage. Whether you are a sports team, a musician, a multi-million dollar business or a website owner you need to have a compettive advantage. Having one is not enough. You also need to stay on top of your competitive advantage.

So the next time you try to market yourself, or your business, or as you try to win a sports event or game ask yourself what is your competitive advantage and how can you exploit it and acheive success?

Establish a competitive advantage for yourself today!


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