Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NHL Round Three Playoff Picks

Wow what a great playoffs it has been thus far. After a one year abscence due to the lockout the season started with 30 teams vying for the Stanley Cup... sports greatest prize. Now we're down to the final four and can you believe that my fav. team is among them...

I've taken a beating on my playoff picks this year... so what do I do? I make more picks... and here they are - Round Three Playoff Picks:

Eastern Conference
(2) Carolina vs. (4) Buffalo
This is a tough pick to make. Two pretty equal teams... I'd like to see Carolina win..
Pick: Buffalo in Six

Western Conference
(6) Anaheim vs. (8) Edmonton
Well the Oilers are playing amazing, but I have a feeling that Anaheim might just do it...
Pick: Edmonton in Seven... or six... I say Oilers in Six

an Edmonton / Buffalo final? WTF?????


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