Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oilers Defeat the Red Wings

Well, well well the mighty Detroit Red Wings have fallen to the hard working Edmonton Oilers. Detroit led 2-0 going into the thrird period... and what a third period it was. Fernando Pisani scored a couple of inspired goals followed by a couple of gems by Ales Hemesky. (His second goal was a beauty).
The Edmonton Oilers deserve this. They have worked hard all year... and on many an occassion have been on the tail end of some blown calls, and on the losing end of games in which they deserved a better fate.

Chris Pronger has been amazing all season and should get some consideration for the Norris. It is apparent that the additions that the Oilers have made this year of Pronger, Michael Peca, Dwayne Roloson and Sergei Samsonov have paid off. The cool thing is, is that they have a chance do go even further in the playoffs. They will be playing the winner of the Anaheim / Calgary series I believe. Personally I would love to see the Battle of Alberta (can you image the intensity?) but Edmonton may fair a bit better vs. Anaheim (no disrespect to the Ducks).

Let's go Oilers....

Coming soon... round two predictions.


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