Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Edmonton Oilers Can't Catch a Break

So I'm watching the Oilers/Canucks game yesterday in what was probably the biggest game this season for the Oilers. The Vancouver Canucks frustrate me.... you see they're not really that good and the reason they have jumped up in the standings is mainly due to the excellent goaltending of Roberto Luongo. During the telecast yesterday the announcers (who are obvious "homers" for the Canucks) could not stop talking about the Sedin sisters... yawn boring. Sure they ended up with nine points between them but I mean c'mon there were 40 players in that game.... who cares about the alien-looking Sedin twins.

The game was fine until the officials call not one, but two five on three penalties in favor of the Canucks. Both of these 2-man advantages were for the full two minutes, that is until the Canucks scored powerplay goals... I don't know if I have ever seen that before... at least not in that short of span. Two full 2 minute five on three advantages. You could tell the calls took the life out of the Oilers.... too bad the first period had great intensity. So the final score was 5-2 for the Canucks... not really a true indicator of the game as the Canuck had an empty netter and a number of powerplays. The Canucks are pathetic.... a number of the players should give a portion of their salaries to Roberto Luongo as he should win the Hart trophy for league MVP. He and he alone is the reason that they are winning and all of your Canuckleheads know it.

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