Thursday, March 22, 2007

Edmonton Oilers Set Franchise Futility Record

Twelve games and counting. The Edmonton Oilers have lost twelve games in a row. Never in the history of the team have they lost this many games in a row. They have yet to win a game since trading heart and soul player Ryan Smyth on February 27th. The Oilers were near the top of their division prior to Christmas and since then have really went in the tank.

Here is the Edmonton Oilers losing streak thus far:

Feb. 25 Lost 4-1 to Minnesota
Feb. 27 Lost 3-0 to Phoenix
Mar. 1 Lost 5-0 to Minnesota
Mar. 3 Lost 4-2 to Calgary
Mar. 7 Lost 3-1 to Tampa Bay
Mar. 9 Lost 5-1 to Anaheim
Mar. 11 Lost 3-0 to San Jose
Mar. 12 Lost 5-1 to Los Angeles
Mar. 15 Lost 2-1 to Minnesota
Mar. 17 Lost 3-2 OT to St. Louis
Mar. 19 Lost 2-1 to Vancouver
Mar. 21 Lost 5-1 to Colorado

They traded their leading scorer in Ryan Smyth and as you can see they simply cannot score anymore. For a team that was touted to lead the league in scoring at the start of the season, they run the risk of setting a team record for scoring the lowest amount of goals in a single season. As much as I like ans respect Kevin Lowe, he really blew it with the trade of Ryan Smyth. The trade has affected the team immensely... they like us fans were devastated. While they may have some money to spend on free agents this summer, they are more than two or three free agents from being a contender again as they were last year. Losing the best defenseman in the game in Chris Pronger was the start of the end of a once successful and storied franchise. The Edmonton Oilers are in trouble. The fans are going to start giving up on them. It will be interesting to see what Kevin Lowe can do to turn this team around.

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PlanetNim Top 5 Tunes - Week of March 19th, 2007

#5. Breaking Benjamin - Breath
#4. Candyman - Christina Aguilera
#3. Sillyworld - Stone Sour
#2. Where Angels Dare - Paul Stanley
#1. Up All Night - Scrap Metal

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slaughter Fly to the Angels MTV Unplugged

Slaughter "Fly to the Angels" on MTV Unplugged.